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Q: What is The Moscow Times?
A: The Moscow Times is the only English-language weekly published in Russia. Our mission statement is to provide foreigners and internationally oriented Russians with balanced, well-researched journalism and practical information that helps them understand Russia.

Originally the newspaper was created for foreigners living and working in Moscow, but in recent years it has attracted a Russian readership as well.

Q: Are you independent?
A: All editorial decisions are made by the newsroom team of editors and reporters, a practice that has been in place since the newspaper's founding in 1992.

The Moscow Times is split into two divisions: editorial and commercial. The editor-in-chief oversees editorial issues, including the operation of the newsroom and the newspaper's content, while the publisher handles commercial issues, including advertising, The Moscow Times business conferences and marketing. From the beginning, founder Derk Sauer raised an “Iron Curtain” between the editorial and commercial divisions as a precautionary measure to protect the newspaper's reputation in a country where the media is still known for publishing paid-for articles.

Q: Does the Kremlin interfere with your work?
A: No.

Older issues can be found on The Moscow Times' web site, PDF issues go back to 2001, while our archive contains nearly 130,000 articles dating back to 1994.

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