Russia's 'Office Plankton' Wears a Tie on His Travels

Alexei Minaev / For MT
Flyboard is a relatively young but fast-developing extreme sport. My goal was to complete an outstanding trick while still wearing my suit. I decided on a back flip, which I have mastered in many sports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, parachuting etc.). The Flyboard Russia team took about an hour to teach me how to do the trick. After practicing the jump for this length of time my body was like one big bruise and my jacket was almost completely torn.

Office, MacBook, plans, charts, coffee, budgets, documents, negotiations, deadlines... it's just another day in the life of ordinary office clerk Pavel Makarov. He wears a shirt with cufflinks, a slim tie, trousers, a jacket and sunglasses. He even knows how to make coffee in the coffee maker.

But outside the office, his life is rather different. Still donning his suit, Pavel plunges into the world of extreme sports, adrenaline, and adventure travel. With the aid of a camera he has begun documenting his activities via an unusual Instagram travel blog entitled "The Office Plankton" (@macpava), which currently has more than 25,000 subscribers. It's worlds away from life in the office.