Articles by Igor Gorchakov

B2B: Hybrid Dispute Resolution Clauses in Russian Courts – The Saga Continues

  • 29 October 15
  • Allen & Overy Legal Services
Hybrid (or optional) arbitration clauses are often used by parties in commercial contracts. Such clauses allow the parties to choose between alternative routes — arbitration or litigation.

B2B: New Instruments for Protecting Creditors' Rights Under Recent Amendments

  • 01 June 15
  • Allen & Overy Legal Services
Striving to increase the attractiveness of its economy for investors, Russia continues to reform its commercial law in line with the needs of modern business. And the next step of this ongoing reform is a dramatic change in Russian contract law.

B2B: Russian Cross-Border Bankruptcy: Enforcing Foreign Bankruptcy Court Judgements

  • 27 April 15
  • Allen & Overy Legal Services
It is taken for granted that business is much more international now than it was a couple of decades ago.

B2B: 'Russian Roulette' for Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards

  • 18 August 14
  • Allen & Overy Legal Services
It has always been noted by practitioners that there is a high level of uncertainty in Russia as to whether an international arbitral award will be enforced in each particular case.  

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