Articles by Adam Brown

B2B: Time to Invest in the 'World's First Fuel?'

  • 14 April 14
  • Dentons
Energy efficiency is a straightforward concept to grasp: using less energy to achieve the same result saves energy and money. Across the economy as a whole it can also reduce prices, enhance economic growth and competitiveness, increase the availability of energy, and cut carbon emissions.

Romania Fights Culture of Corruption

  • 06 October 05
  • Bloomberg
Teodor Popescu has $22 in one pocket for his first month's rent at a student dormitory in Bucharest. Another pocket contains the $200 bribe he will pay to get the spot he wants.

America Risks Igniting Philippines Tinderbox

  • 18 January 02
  • The Associated Press
Deploying around 660 U.S. troops, including U.S. Special Forces, may help wipe out a Muslim extremist group that has plagued the Philippines for a decade.

Spanish Blame ETA for Outbreak of Bombings