Articles by Ludmila Shusterova

B2B: The Usability of Business

  • 10 June 13
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
Andrei Tupolev, a leading Soviet aircraft designer, once said, "An unsightly plane won't fly." I think he could also have said that about a business.

B2B: 6 Tips on Project Communication Management

  • 23 April 13
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
However bright your managers are, however well you perform, it won't make your project successful unless you communicate right.

Russian BPO: Catching Up With the Russian ITO or Staying Behind?

  • 23 October 12
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
While the Russian ITO market is developing robustly, BPO is still far behind. Why is that the case and will the situation remain this way?

The New Theory of Generations

  • 04 September 12
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
The situation long discussed by HR managers at their conferences has finally arrived. The workforce market is now facing the consequences of the demographic recession that occurred early in this century. The boys and girls born between 1985 and 1995 are unable to fill the gap caused by the natural population decrease. The situation is aggravated by the low quality of education provided by Universities whose best professors have either become entrepreneurs or turned to places other than Russia, looking for research grants. At this time, graduates of those Universities seek jobs at companies happy to hire them since they are recent students, even if their salary expectations are often exaggerated.

Non-Core Business Processes and Support Services

  • 22 June 12
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
For many,  an enterprise quality and the cost of non-core business functions are a cause of eternal irritation and conflicts.

Outsourcing Is a Matter of Mind-Set

  • 28 February 12
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
Outsourcing works OK for a small representative office, though I haven't heard of any projects in Russia for companies with several thousand employees," the finance director of a big international holding told me. His company recently acquired several plants in Russia with a total employee headcount of about 7,000 employees. Here is a perception that is widespread in Russia: Outsourcing is good only for small international startups where there is not always a sufficient workload for a full-time accountant and, besides, the head office would use the third-party accounting provider to minimize its risks. Regretfully, the actual positive big number of cases are not well-known on the market.

2010 Сhanges to Immigration Law: Step Toward Improving Investment Climate?

  • 25 May 11
  • BDO Russia, Outsourcing Division
Introduction of the quota concept for the foreign work force initially made the life of foreign startups in Russia very complicated. You had to register the company very early in the year, apply for the quotas to hire foreign specialists for the next year and wait a year to be able to apply for the work permit for a specific person you were hoping to hire in two to three months.

Apples and Oranges: Outsourcing vs. Internal Function

  • 10 March 09
  • Director, BDO Unicon
In business practice we are quite used to outsourcing cleaning, security, delivery and catering functions. Decisions on outsourcing are made without long disputes.