Articles by Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Legal Highlights: Retail in the Doldrums: How Might the Trade Law Amendments Affect Food Producers and Retail Following the Crises?

  • 28 April 15
  • Goltsblat BLP
The current difficult macroeconomic situation, the sanctions and product embargo and the devaluation of the Russian rouble have affected the Russian domestic trade in foodstuffs.

Advice on Currency Transaction Payments Given the New Economic Realia

  • 22 December 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
The current difficult macroeconomic situation in Russia and the stressful Russian exchange market have affected those due to make payments under currency transactions.

Legal Highlights: Identify Yourself: How Has the Russian Online Payment Framework Changed?

  • 17 June 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
What should online retailers and customers do in order to comply with the law?

Russia No Match for NATO

In June 2008 Ч less than a month after his inauguration Ч President Dmitry Medvedev unveiled  a proposal for creating a new Euro-Atlantic security architecture with the implied hope that it would someday replace NATO.