Articles by Ulf Schneider

The Chief Accountant in Russia: A Critical Moment

  • 26 October 11
  • Russia Consulting
There is hardly another position in Russia that arouses so many different associations as the position of a chief accountant. Let's begin with the facts: From a legal point of view, a chief accountant is the second most important person in a company after the general director. Besides, with little exception, the profession of an accountant in Russia is occupied by women.

Being an Accountant in Russia

  • 14 October 09
  • Russia Consulting
Do you know how many Russians work as accountants?

Using IT to Automate 1C-Accounting

  • 11 August 09
  • Russia Consulting
Most of the accounting departments in Russia use the popular 1C system for their accounting and taxation. One could even say 1C almost has a monopoly. The base version of the system is more or less tailor-made for the specific needs of Russia and not very expensive compared to most other commonly known programs.

Tax Effects of Ruble Devaluation

  • 28 July 09
  • Managing Director, Russia Consulting
The ruble devaluation at the end of 2008 came as a sudden surprise for many companies. When accountants presented the annual statements and tax returns for 2008 at the end of 2009, the next surprise was exchange rate differences that in most cases were relevant for Russian profit tax. It seems another devaluation of the ruble might come in the near future.