Articles by Nikolay Pryanishnikov

B2B: Transforming Business Digitally

  • 24 June 13
  • Microsoft Russia
Social networks firmly enter into our life: Most Internet users have at least one account on a social network.

New Reality Equals New Possibilities

  • 26 June 12
  • Microsoft Russia
I would like to talk to you about cloud computing. Along with our partners and other market participants, we have discussed time and time again how cloud technologies make businesses grow, creating new possibilities and allowing companies to cut costs and increase efficiency.

IT Technology Support

  • 11 August 09
  • Microsoft Russia
A financial crisis is a difficult but very interesting time. On the one hand, a complicated economic situation is a serious test for most companies. On the other hand, it represents a wonderful possibility to demonstrate professionalism, to optimize processes, to raise operational effectiveness and as a result of all these things, to improve the market position.