Articles by Vitaliy Dianov

Concerted Actions and Parallel Conduct in Anti-Monopoly Law

  • 20 July 10
  • Capital Legal Services
Russian anti-monopoly law, like that of other CIS countries, does not distinguish between the concepts of concerted actions and parallel conduct. It appears reasonable then that Russian and CIS courts do not see parallel conduct as a separate legal concept and instead consider it to be concerted actions.

Escaping Liability for Antitrust Infringements

  • 08 September 09
  • Capital Legal Services
Cartel agreements, price-fixing on products, restricting the access of other players to the commodity market, imposing unfavorable terms on contractors, and other violations of the antitrust legislation pose an absolute threat to dynamic economic growth, these things lead to significant appreciation of products for consumers and adversely affect the competition up to and including the elimination of competition on certain commodity markets and creation of oligopolies and monopolies.