Articles by Oxana Kovaleva

Commercial Invoices for Transactions Involving Foreign Currency

  • 26 May 10
  • Capital Legal Services
Companies working in Russia often establish contract prices in a foreign currency or Уconditional units,Ф which are the ruble equivalents of the foreign currency, and with the possibility for the payment to be made in the appropriate amount in rubles.

Russian Thin Capitalization Rules in Light of Double Taxation Treaties: Trends in Court Practice

  • 09 February 10
  • Capital Legal Services
For the purpose of protecting domestic interests, most states limit taxpayersТ ability to recognize interest on loans or credits as expenses reducing corporate profit tax payments, particularly where such interest is paid to a related entity outside the state.

Payment of Personal Income Tax in Russia by a Foreign Individual

  • 23 December 09
  • Capital Legal Services
Payment of personal income tax is a common duty for everyone engaged in paid work.