Articles by Alexander Bezborodov

Development of the Institute of Arbitration Court Assessors

  • 21 December 10
  • Beiten Burkhardt Moscow
2010 was marked by the introduction of significant amendments to the Russian Arbitration Procedural Code, aimed at improving how disputes are considered in arbitration courts.

Corporate Disputes. Proxy Negligence When Making Decisions at a Company General Meeting

  • 09 November 10
  • Beiten Burkhardt Moscow
The year 2010 has been marked by notable developments in the judicial system of the Russian Federation, including material amendments to the Arbitration Procedural Code, the adoption of a law on mediation and the issue of a joint resolution of the Supreme Court and Supreme Arbitration Court on disputes over title.

Changes in the Regulation of the Circulation of Pharmaceuticals in Russia

  • 21 September 10
  • Beiten Burkhardt
With the adoption of the new federal law dated April 12, 2010, No. 61-FZ on the circulation of pharmaceuticals in the Russian Federation (hereinafter Уthe lawФ), the old federal law dated June 22, 1998, No. 86-FZ on pharmaceuticals became fully inoperative as of Sept. 1, 2010. In this regard, those involved in the pharmaceuticals market should take note of the following important changes.

Import Transactions: Which Jurisdiction?

  • 30 March 10
  • Beiten Burkhardt
When concluding import transactions, foreign investors are always faced with the choice of which court to select for resolving potential disputes with a contractual partner.