Articles by Anna Zelenskaya

Legal Highlights: New Tax Environment: Will Courts Continue Mistreating Double Tax Treaties?

  • 19 November 13
  • Goltsblat BLP
A foreign investor operating in Russia through any form of corporate presence faces the need to make use of and rely on at least some international tax law concepts.

Can Your Transfer-Pricing Documentation Help at Customs?

  • 29 May 12
  • Goltsblat BLP

This year marks a cornerstone for both tax and customs legislation in Russia: Both the long-awaited new transfer-pricing rules came into effect, and WTO accession was finally made a reality. With the introduction of these new frameworks, taxpayers will be subject to an increased tax compliance burden, requiring a significant amount of additional documentation. On the other hand, a new set of defenses has also become available to taxpayers. This article explains how transfer-pricing documentation can help to support the value of goods at customs.

4 Steps a CEO Should Take Concerning the New Transfer Pricing Rules

  • 28 September 11
  • Goltsblat BLP

The new law on transfer pricing adopted in July and coming into effect from Jan. 1, 2012, will affect most large and midsized businesses operating in Russia, whether Russian or multinational. The new legislation is a lot more detailed than previously and, although tax directors and managers will be handling most of the details, there are several steps CEOs should take to ensure that their business is prepared.