Articles by Marina Semenova

Moscow Elite Residential Rental Market in Q3 2012

  • 06 November 12
  • Intermark Relocation
After the summer stagnation, when we saw a seasonal increase in the number of available properties, as expected, the Moscow elite residential rental market recovered in September.

Overview of the Elite Residential Rental Market in Moscow: First Half of 2012

  • 24 July 12
  • Intermark Relocation
Moscow's elite rental market in the end of June 2012 was characterized by high activity from potential tenants, which boosted the demand by 19 percent. Аt the same time, a number of free properties came to the market. But this is just a seasonal phenomenon: The market suffers from a deficit of free supply.

Living on Arbat: a Great Tradition

  • 09 June 12
  • Intermark Relocation
Arbat is one of the most famous and popular residential areas of Moscow. It is situated very close to the Kremlin, on its west side, and represents the architectural heritage of old Moscow.

Main Trends in the Moscow Elite Rental Market in Q1 2012

  • 12 May 12
  • Intermark Relocation

Today we are facing an evident trend followed by almost all large companies: They seek to minimize their spending, irrevocably resulting in the reduction of expenses for employees' housing and a corresponding decrease of average demand budgets. This trend has led to the influx of young specialists without families. Thus the largest portion of requests is now concentrated in the segment of two-room apartments. In contrast, the demand for large apartments has decreased 50 percent.

Moscow's Elite Rental Market: Trends, 2011 Results, 2012 Forecast

  • 27 March 12
  • Intermark Relocation
2011 saw high activity by prospective tenants, especially corporate clients. Seasonal fluctuations were still evident on the market, but overall demand, in comparison with the previous year, grew about 10 percent.