Articles by Daniil Khavronyuk

B2B: Apologetics of Pension Funds

  • 27 October 14
  • ZAO NPF Raiffeisen
Amid the general commotion in the pension market that ensued after the announcement that the 2014 contributions to OPS, the funded component of Russian mandatory pensions, would be nationalised and redirected to the pay-as-you-go part, there were numerous voices saying that NPFs (non- state pension funds) as institutions are inefficient and that they ought to be dismantled alongside the OPS component altogether.

B2B: Contra Spem Spero

  • 13 October 14
  • ZAO NPF Raiffeisen
The pension market will never be the same again. OPS will have to give way to something else, perhaps to corporate pension programs.

Demographic Trough Ahead: Are You Ready to Hop Over?

  • 07 April 14
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
The Russian labour market has been increasingly the seller's market throughout the 2000-s and 2010-es, ducking for a short while below the trend in the 2008-2009 slump. The future holds little promise for employers in this regard.

B2B: The Dawn of a New Era for the Russian Pension System

  • 25 March 14
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
Going joint-stock will mean the disclosure of beneficiaries and tougher regulations, including those on related party transactions.

Employment: Some Darn Good Reasons to Set Up a Corporate Pension Programme

  • 13 November 13
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
Launching a corporate pension programme today, the employer gets everything the early bird gets: the kudos and the glory.

B2B: Meanwhile in Russia: Eat the Goose and Never Mind the Eggs

  • 21 October 13
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
It awakened more people to their retirement … Skinny hipsters in their early twenties started liking and sharing pension-related news.

Employment: Never-Ending Climax of Russian Pension Reform

  • 26 June 13
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
Whoever writes the scripts for the Russian pension industry, he certainly does not stick to stale conventions (you know, the classic five-act drama with tension gradually building up to reach its peak in the third act, unravel in the fourth and subside in the fifth).

B2B: Shoes for the Cobbler's Son

  • 23 April 13
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
As the proverb goes, the cobbler's children go the worst shod. I had worked in the pension industry for some time before an opportunity cropped up to sign up for a corporate pension program — none was available previously for some weighty reasons, both regulatory and financial.

Same Déjà Vu All Over Again

  • 17 December 12
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
Wise men say, you cannot form an objective view of a system while within. The popular idiomatic imperative is somewhat misleading: "Thinking out of the box" is of little use before you have actually gotten out of the box in the first place (something Schrödinger's cat would much prefer).

10 Unsystematic Facts and Observations About Russian Pensions

  • 23 October 12
  • Raiffeisen Pension Fund
The cultural references to pensions in Russia have never been too bright or optimistic: reaching the pension age is like crossing the river (the Styx, or at least the Rubicon), the ceremonies held to "see someone off to retirement" are none too cheerful, either...