Articles by Ekaterina Lapidus

B2B: Certain Aspects of Lease Agreements for Future Things

  • 25 June 14
  • Dentons
RF SAC Plenum Rulings of November 17, 2011 No.73 ("Ruling No.73") and of January 25, 2013 No.13 ("Ruling No.13") introduced new rules on the leasing structure for future things.

B2B: Time to Invest in the 'World's First Fuel?'

  • 14 April 14
  • Dentons
Energy efficiency is a straightforward concept to grasp: using less energy to achieve the same result saves energy and money. Across the economy as a whole it can also reduce prices, enhance economic growth and competitiveness, increase the availability of energy, and cut carbon emissions.

B2B: On Some Construction and Town-Planning Activity Provisions

  • 03 February 14
  • Dentons
In a number of urban districts where there are no land use and development rules, there may be reduced development and construction.

Some Aspects of Cadastral Registration of Immovable Property

  • 25 March 13
  • Salans
Reform of the system of cadastral registration of immovable property is nearing completion.

Key Amendments to Construction Legislation

  • 04 March 13
  • Salans
A number of amendments to Russia's Town-Planning Code and other laws concerning construction came into force recently.

Certain Legal Aspects of the 'Review' of Moscow Investment Contracts

Since 2011 a review of investment contracts related to construction ("Contracts") has been under way in Moscow that has resulted in the termination and amendment of Contracts where investors have committed a material breach of their obligations, project timetables, etc.
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